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Shedding Light on the Complexities of the MLM Industry – Is It That Complicated?

Let’s take some time and start shedding light on the complicated Multi-level marketing industry. Why has it all become so complicated and why are people making it look harder than it is?

If you take the time to dissect the multi-level marketing industry it is a very simple formula simply repeated consistently over and over again. So what are the core principles of the multi-level marketing industry and what does it take to shed some light on the mythology behind it.

Firstly there are only five major components to the industry itself.

Retailing the product – find a product you love

Recruiting people into your team – learn all there is to know

Teaching them to do the same – teach them what you have learnt

Consistency – do it on a regular basis

Commitment – commit to your plan

So if this is all there is to the multi-level marketing industry how much shedding of light is there really needed? Well there is a lot of light to be shed, as somehow over the years the multi-level marketing industry has become this complicated labyrinth of technology, terminology and hype. People have taken a simple formula and complicated the heck out of it.

The technology is a necessity to the industry because if you can use it to your advantage your duplication will be mastered and your organisation will grow at a phenomenal rate.

The terminology is just something that you need to learn as you go, this is the same in any industry you don’t see a surgeon on his first day at university sprouting all the everyday terminologies that he would use after 10 years activity within the industry.

The hype, for those of you who follow my blog will know that hype is a swear word in my vocabulary and one that I despise with a passion. Why the hype if you have a logical business model and it has a legitimate compensation plan. All you need to do is numbers and you will have the end result, no hype required.

So now we have spent time shedding light on the complexities of the multi-level marketing industry you will see that it is a simple and easy to follow plan. All you need to do is find the product or company that resonates with you, make your decision, put your plan into action and you are on your way.

To your success!

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5 Things You Need To Eliminate in Order to Become Successful

A lot of people who failed thought that they failed because they lacked the necessary skills, needed knowledge, or the required talent. Well, it is not. The truth? It does not require you to become the brightest, or the most talented to be successful. The only reason why some fail is because they have some destructive habits.

The following are the habits that you should eliminate in your life.

Trying to live up to others’ expectations

Are you bothered with the expectations from your family? Your friends? Or your boss? Well, don’t be. They are not the one who’s walking in your shoes. They are not the one who will suffer nor benefit from the choices you will make for the future. So, why is that their opinions hold so much weight on you?

Go and set your expectations. This will force all the people around you to see you as an individual person and this will allow you to define success according to your own definition and terms.

Getting obsessed with things that don’t matter

What is more important – to impress other people with fake successes or to have true happiness and pursue your dreams?

Don’t get distracted. Oftentimes, we try to get obsessed of the things that really do not matter. Why would you try and be a hot shot for everyone else? That doesn’t matter. Pursuing and making your dreams is what matters. Do not think of the things others might think of you. At the end of the day, it is you, and only you who have to live with yourself.

Bragging about your big, marvelous, and wonderful dreams

Walk the talk. Don’t brag your big dreams with other people unless you have already attained it. Nobody cares if you want to be a big star on television, unless you are already being seen on TV. The more time you spend talking and bragging about these big dreams of yours, the less time you’ll be spending in making this dreams come true.

Dwelling on your past failures

Past is past. You can never go back. You can either just learn from it or dwell on it. I say you go with the former. You can do nothing of your past mistakes and failures. Don’t get affected by it. Instead, learn from your mistakes. Why did you fail? What are the decisions you’ve made that made that failure? How can you learn from this failure? Look back, reflect and learn from it and move forward. That’s it.

Don’t Be That Loser

In connection to not dwelling in the past, don’t be the loser who got afraid to try again because of their failures. Always go for another try… and if you fail again; learn and try again. Try and try again until you succeed. A cliché, yes; but a very powerful one. So instead of locking yourself in your apartment, drink alcohol and stuffs, learn and try one more time. There’s always greatness coming for you. Don’t be the wiener, be the successful winner.

Now this pretty much sums up all those destructive habits. Want to be successful or be more successful? Drop these habits now.

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Should You Work in Exchange for Clients’ Products, Services and Favors (Bartering)?

What to say to a client who offers to pay you not in money, but in his products, services, or other benefits?

A colleague asked me a similar question recently, which reminded me how common this practice is in our web development industry.

Exchanging goods and services for other goods and services, without using money as means of exchange, is the definition of barter. It’s a common practice and a good idea when value is exchanged for equal value and equal effort.

Let’s say that the client approaches you for your web development services and offers to barter the following with you:

  • his own or third party physical products, I.e. office furniture
  • his own or third party digital products, I.e. software
  • his own or third party services, I.e. his consulting services
  • advertising, exposure or some form of public visibility, I.e. an ad in a print newspaper
  • something cool, like an iPad, a MacBook, an exotic vacation
  • ownership in his (future) company or stocks
  • alternate forms of payment, like coupons

What all these tempting offers have in common is this:

  • You can find some use in your business.
  • They seem very expensive to you, something you would never normally buy because “you can’t afford it”.
  • The offer is usually cool in some way.

Four main reasons why barters are mostly a bad idea

Reason number one: what you’ll get is not what you really need, in 99% of the cases.

Sure, that vacation sounds awesome, and so does the expensive full-page ad in a popular newspaper, or a cool guitar.

But do you really need this, badly? Can you extract enough value from those offers to grow your business? Hopefully you’re not looking to satisfy the inner child in you.

And if you need this so badly, why can’t you afford it? People only “badly” need things they can really afford. For example, I currently cannot afford to buy a Tesla car (and by ‘I can’t afford it’ I mean I haven’t found a way to extract enough value from that car to make it worth my while and my money). BUT I badly need to get from point A to point B, so I bought a decent car I can afford. If someone offered to pay me with a Tesla car, I might be tempted to take that offer – but I do not really need it. I would end up working my butt off for something I don’t really need.

Reason number two: you’d probably be signing up for a ridiculously disproportionate effort.

You’d be investing dozens, maybe hundreds of hours of your time, spanning across weeks or months, sometimes even years. In exchange you might receive an off-the-shelf product that the client has worked zero hours to deliver it to you. Unless the barter is your idea and you have already made up your mind about the value of the ready-made product, do not ever exchange your time for products. I am not saying those products aren’t worth their asking price; I am saying that exchanging custom service and time for a ready-made stuff is not a good deal for you.

Let’s take a “website design service in exchange for advertising” example to illustrate why you should never, ever agree to something like this. You’d be investing countless hours of your life which you can never ever get back, and they’d be investing a virtual real estate in pixels on a digital screen or smudges of ink on a printed paper. The client would get a permanent value from you, and you’d get temporary exposure – that is not a fair exchange. He’ll get to use his website every day, and the advertising you get will have become trash the next day.

Reason number three: it badly affects your attitude.

When you barter and when it’s the client’s idea to barter, you’re telling your subconscious mind that you cannot have the offered product / service any other way. You don’t normally buy print ads because they’re too expensive and you’re afraid you’ll waste your money, right?You never hired a professional consultant because they’re too expensive, right?

A much better idea is to be paid in money so that you can buy the thing that you really need or want.

Reason number four: clients who cannot afford to pay you now are not the best client for an agency.

This type of client won’t be able to afford to continuously pay for support, maintenance and your business growth services. After a while you will want to get paid in money, but the client will probably refuse.

Can bartering be a good idea? Sure.

It’s a good idea when the offer to barter comes from you, not from your client. When it’s your idea, you’ve already made up your mind about which services or products you are willing to work and trade your time for.

Those products or services are probably something you truly need now to grow your business, and it’s probably not something you need for personal fun or entertainment. And since you’re bartering your time – the most valuable human asset in the known universe – you’ll probably make real use of the product / service / favor you get in return.

So, if a client comes along who offers exactly what you need right now, a barter is an excellent idea. Just make sure you make the exchange a part of your written contract!

Also, if you get an offer for a life-time opportunity which is usually not for sale (which has nothing to do with owning shares in someone’s future company), take it. For example, I’d barter for an opportunity to have dinner with Elon Musk, or to get undivided attention of people whom I wouldn’t normally have access to.

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The Next 100 Billion Dollar Business? The Simple Authority Site Secret That Will Make You Rich

Who else is sick and tired of trying to get rich online with gimmicks, gadgets and guru’s? Think that little known marketing “secret” or underground trick or technique is going to make you wealthy? Have you convinced yourself that selling ClickBank eBooks, or affiliate programs is going to allow you the sort of lifestyle you truly deserve? Or, maybe like I once did long ago… You think that you are going to earn REAL wealth with a personal blog that details your entrepreneurial rags to riches journey and inspire millions on your way to the top of the mountain?

Think again.

The truth is, you have more of a chance, statistically… earning a 6 figure salary in a real world, conventional career, than you would trying or applying any of the ideas above in the online entrepreneurial space.

But… Before you think I’m suggesting you give UP on your online entrepreneurial aspirations, I’m not. Instead, I want to share a few very simple inspired ideas that have worked wonderfully well for me, as well as thousands of other real world entrepreneurs who are doing what we love for a living. (many of whom, have turned the simple ideas below into multi million or even multi BILLION dollar business to boot)

Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a quick look at a few simple rules that WILL transform your brand, blog, business and bank account… immediately below.

Rule #1: BUILD Something

98% of the online entrepreneurs I meet are always trying to sell something. Whether it’s an affiliate product, or a coaching course, or even an inexpensive eBook… That model may offer a slender shred of quick success, but it’s not a viable way to build enduring value.

Building something, instead of selling something, is a far better long term strategy for not only creating real wealth for yourself, but building real value in your niche, market or industry as well.

Consider THIS for a moment.

AIRBNB is forecast by some high dollar investors (including one of the founders of PayPal, Peter Thiel) as the next 100 BILLION dollar business. It was started by a few average people on a bootstrap budget, and has grown into THE authority site in the “affordable alternative to hotel” travelers space.

Kickstarter, another offbeat idea for creating a community platform for PASSION and purpose based professionals to share their flare with the world, has become the LARGEST source of funding for ordinary people with extraordinary inspired ideas, funding 100s of millions of dollars and counting.

The chances that you or I am going to create the next AIRBNB or Kickstarter? Not great.

But, the chances that you or I can launch a similar style site that is an “authority” in a smaller niche, market or industry that we care about, or have passion for, and that can earn hundreds of thousands of profit, or be valued at 6 or even 7 figures or more in a reasonably short time?

Pretty darn good… Especially if you scale this strategy across multiple markets.

For example?

You can create an entire business that emulates an AIRBNB style model, for under $100… with killer templates, premium plugins and simply follow their blueprint for success. It doesn’t have to be real estate, you can create a search engine that matches consumers from the public, with professionals that have something specific to offer and need to be found, in just about any niche under the sun.

You can create a directory site. You can create a local marketplace. You can create a social network in your niche, market or industry of choice, using FREE plugins like Buddypress, and position yourself as the thought leader, authority or go to expert.

Maybe your passion is online business or entrepreneurialism or helping other professionals build BUZZ for their own blogs, brands or business? You can create a job board, a classified site, a local news magazine, a marketing forum, or even a crowd funding community… And literally, build an entire online “agency” with high dollar offers behind it, simply because you’ll be looked at as the brains behind the scene.

The truth is, this approach takes a little bit more work… And a little bit more effort overall. But believe it or not, it’s EASY to do, a whole lot of fun, and a great way to offer genuine value to others while doing what you love for a living!

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4 Top IT Tips To Make Your Business Efficient

When running a small business, every cent counts. You cannot afford to misuse any resource and use the little to reap in big profits. You can easily increase efficiency and your profits by using IT strategies to stretch the little available. You focus should be on your people processes and the infrastructure. Making minimal changes in these areas can have bigger results in the overall business performance.

You have few workers and need to maximize their ability to deliver for you. Enable your workers to work from anywhere at any time by investing in a reliable and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). This enables them to access data using their personal devices from any place. When a client needs help they will not miss it simply because the person capable of assisting them was out of the office. To protect data integrity, make sure that you layer your security and configure all employee devices to follow the company’s security regulations.

Minimize the times people travel. This should be done only when necessary. Employ the use of web conferencing and video calls to have meetings between suppliers, colleagues, clients who are in different towns. It saves time taken to deliver tasks and money spent by the company. To make this strategy effective, you need to have good infrastructure and stable internet to avoid the investment going to waste.

Nothing is more frustrating that a slow network system in the office. The working pace of your employees is determined by the speed of your computers and the internet. If it is slow, they will find an excuse for not delivering tasks on time or taking a break as they wait. Ensure all systems are fast and reliable to keep the pace at the office fast and lively. The organizational culture of any company or office dictates the efficiency levels.

You need an IT asset management system to optimize existing resources and manage systems effectively. Such a system helps you understand the business value of your IT hardware and software, to know if it is necessary to buy new products and which products suit your business needs.

As much as it is very important to invest in fast reliable IT infrastructure, you can waste money and resources when you buy the wrong kind or even the right products at the wrong time. An IT asset management system makes common practices such as procurement and disposal of hardware and software to make better business sense.

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Tracking Business Performance Using KPI Software

Often we find in organisations, both large and small, that business performance is tracked using spreadsheets and word documents. When an organisation needs to track business performance, and we really do mean business performance not personal performance (that is a topic for another day) nowadays it is essential they use dedicated KPI software.

Using dedicated KPI software has many advantages. Not least of which is keeping all KPIs in a central repository and therefore enabling proper interrogation of metrics through the use of automation tools such as dashboards, reports, briefing books, alerts, drill down and a highly visual interface.

This is essential. It provides the means to create useful and meaningful reports or dashboards that management can use to make informed decisions. Clearly, there are standard or basic KPIs that all companies need such as Revenue, Profit, Gross Profit and Operating Costs that are relatively easy to interpret. However, there are also many other KPIs that can influence these major measures that need to be controlled as well.

Using KPI Software not only provides an overall picture, but allows users to drill down into multiple levels of details. For instance, from Revenue we could take a sideways look at Sales Revenue and then dip into specific Product Sales and on to the Cost of Sales for individual Products. This can be related to time periods – to check on seasonal variation- and operational costs associated with manufacturing and delivery. All of this could be achieved in seconds through mouse clicks via an interactive dashboard or by looking at the metrics themselves.

Without this mechanism, when using spreadsheets, multiple reports would have to be generated and cross-referenced manually. This can end up being time consuming activity resulting in delays and additional costs. Not only this, but it means that the people involved in the additional work will not be able to complete their normal daily tasks resulting in even more cost.

There is a further advantage of centralising KPIs into a single KPI management system. Most systems will allow the administrator to set permissions based on the roles of the people using the systems. With a permission system in place, KPIs, Reports and Dashboards can be made available to a much wider audience. For example, if an organisation wanted to publish its strategy in the form of a strategy map, then it could do so by providing permissions to all staff to this area of the KPI software. If however, it wanted the Profit and Loss statement to be available to only the finance team and the executive, it could do this as well by setting the appropriate permission controls.

Security is one of the biggest issues facing both large and small organisations. By proving a KPI management system that can be controlled by permissions based on role is a massive advantage. In today’s highly competitive environment, the need to communicate effectively, to the right people is paramount. Distribution of information also requires the right infrastructure to be in place. Gone are the days when organisations need to rely on private networks alone. The Internet has provided the means to distribute information cheaply and effectively.

It does, however, require the right security protocols to be set up as well. The best KPI software solutions take advantage of the web. They are web based systems that contain the right levels of security to allow transit across a public network, while ensuring data is secure.

In summary, KPI software is a much more viable alternative than the use of spreadsheets and documents. It provides the means to drill down (or across) to find related information. It therefore provides a mechanism to make informed decisions quickly. The information can be distributed easily and to a wide variety of people based upon a role within the organisation.

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The Dangers of Over-Optimizing a Website

In the early days of the Internet and web usage, the key factor was to optimize a website so that the chances of getting hits or being viewed in a search engine were above average to very high. This came to be known as ‘search engine optimization’. Soon, most websites were manipulating their web page rankings with ‘keyword stuffing’ to ensure higher rankings on search engines such as Google.

However, the method of ensuring higher optimization through search engines became so competitive that ethics and common sense seem to have vanished from the scene altogether. Websites were created with keywords jumbling and cascading one into the other, affiliates, back-links, redirects and link schemes being used rampantly. As one blogger writes, websites soon became mere pages with ‘keyword stuffing’ or over usage of keywords and phrases combined with ‘odd use of keywords, nonsense phrases, keyword variations’ and many others classified as ‘unreadable junk’ that soon passed off as web content.

Over-optimization of websites

The practice of simply shoving or putting as many ‘SEO’ keywords or “over optimization” of a webpage has long worried web masters and administrators and put them in a quandary of how to establish ethics and curb this practice for many reasons. Ranking high on the priority list are “terrible user experiences” because visitors to a website are not interested in seeing a single word or phrase repeated over a 100 times randomly through the pages of a website.

The factors identifying over-optimized websites are:

• Title elements of pages stuffed with keywords
• Lengthy URL strings with rich keywords
• Web pages filled with SEO content that are really unintended for visitor usage
• Low quality editorial links to back-link profiles
Search engines like Google soon began to use methods to filter out web content with pages of offending keyword stuffing because these web pages were by and large aimed at getting maximum hits and not providing useful content for the visitor or customer.

The dangers of over-optimizing

These are many.

Firstly, once a visitor to a website finds the content lacking in useful details, he or she is not likely to come back to the site again. There goes a lost potential customer or referral that could in real payback terms cost a lot.

Secondly, ‘keyword stuffing’ is today looked at as an ‘unnatural’ tactic; it could have a few short-term benefits but long-term returns are lost out completely.

Google’s technical team is working out ways and means to eliminate the habit of keyword stuffing because it is unethical in the competitive sense. By making GoogleBot more efficient and smarter they are looking at making content relevance better. This is easier said than done. Finding web users who abuse the Internet by loading irrelevant content and too many back links is the best way to eliminate keyword stuffing of web content.

As one of the top tech executives at Google puts it, “it is a tough world out there; but the onus of ensuring that good web content gets higher rankings than those who simply use tactics to influence ratings rests with us. It is not fair to those who make great content and a great website but do not feature in the search rankings”. On the whole, Google has made it very clear that websites using methods that focus on beating their search engine algorithms are likely to be de-ranked or removed from the web altogether.

In other words, keyword stuffing is proving to be the undoing of many and is a dangerous game being played out on the web. The onus is on websites to change the way they use the web from ‘keyword stuffing to responsible keyword optimization’.

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Passive Income Businesses: You Can’t Take Risks By Taking Steps Like These!

According to the experts and internet marketing professionals, passive income businesses are the most vulnerable models and need maximum attention from their owners. This clearly indicates that these businesses are extremely rewarding and profitable for the owners. If you are taking any risk with these established businesses, you’re probably making a big mistakes. Its something that you have to be careful about every single step you are taking. There are several steps that you could have thought about any other businesses you have, but for the passive income models, you just can’t think about them. Let’s explore some of these ideas that won’t work for passive income generators at all. This will help you stay safe and ahead of your competition and make you money for long term!

You just can’t take these risks with your passive income businesses online: EXPLAINED!

As you already know – these business models are extremely vulnerable and you just can’t afford taking risks with these models. There are several things you could try for another business model, but here, you have to be very careful as things are extremely sophisticated. A small error can lead you to a big blunder. Here you will find some factors that you must consider while running a passive income business:

#1 don’t test-run your strategies

With a passive income business, which has been running well, you can’t afford to think about the test runs you would do for a regular business model. You have to be very careful about bringing any strategic change to your business. If you want to do a test or something similar, you may need to launch a test project and work there. This can only help you to find out something exceptionally good for your business, but that’s how it works! Do not test run or make changes frequently, you need to remember something – you have to spend some time and spare someone for a while to get something out!

#2 don’t follow the trends or competition always

Many experts say that following the trends or the competition is a great idea. Sometimes, the statement is true, whereas in many cases, specially for the passive income models, it simply doesn’t work. You can definitely review the trend, get the ideas from the competitors; however, you have to work things out in a way that doesn’t make life complicated for anyone. That’s how you need to prioritize. You just need to know what’s going on but stick to your own strategy! Don’t just follow what everyone else is doing blindly. That literally won’t go anywhere else!

#3 don’t make experiments frequently

Finally, you need to focus on the experiments that you used to do every now and then with your businesses. In here, for such passive income businesses are running well and need to play with their creative skills. You can’t make experiments on your passive income business at that time. You have to get issues found and sorted out for you. But you shouldn’t do experiments on a running business!

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Why You Need To Keep Things Updated For A Passive Income Generator

Businesses need proper and continuous updates. As a business owner, you have to make sure that everything is up-to-date and working without any glitch. If you can do that, things become a lot smoother and your business would certainly be a lot profitable. For passive income businesses, it’s even more crucial to focus on regular updates. May be you can schedule that, but you have to make sure that you’re staying ahead; at all costs. Otherwise, it simply won’t work at all. All the experts have recommended the same. For a passive income generator, it’s absolutely necessary to get things going in the right way. If anything is going bad, it will simply jump out of the competition. Here’s why you need to keep things updated for your passive income generator at all costs!

Keeping things updated for your passive income generator: why it’s absolutely necessary?

Regardless of the type of business, you have to be careful about keeping it updated. It doesn’t only ensure the best level of incoming revenues, but at the same time, you stay ahead of the competition with that strategy. This strategy works great for any business model and it works even better for the passive income business models online. Here’s why it’s absolutely necessary to keep things updated:

#1 sudden and frequent changes

You should always be careful about bringing changes to a business platform. If everything Is not proven, you cannot take any step at all. But at the other hand, the changes around make things more difficult for you. That could be a reason why the business owners struggle a lot. They often seem to lose money as they have to face sudden and frequent changes with the algorithms and strategies from the authority organizations. As a result, you have to stay focused, but yet you need to stay updated all the time to maximize the revenues and at the same time, fighting the competition.

#2 extremes of competition

Another reason why you need to keep things updated is the extremely competitive business field. The industry is just running like a horse and you need to find out a way to stay ahead in the race course. Extremes of competition makes the job for a business owner more difficult than anything else. If you’re willing to stay ahead of this competition, you have to stay updated and check the status of your strategies regularly! if you can’t keep pace, you will soon lose your position, sometimes to a new competitor in the industry!

#3 new monetizing strategies

Finally, you can’t forget about the monetizing strategies. Every now and then, new ideas, start-ups and similar companies are being formed. If you have some idea about what these start-ups have been looking for, you can easily create your own monetizing strategy and make more profit. Passive income ideas and business models are nice, but they only work when you’re serious about that! Use new monetizing strategies, but keep the basic strategy intact and the growth unharmed!

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