Planning A Baby Shower? This List Of Essentials Should Help

Like most people think, it is not a very difficult task to organize a baby shower. Once you identify the theme, it gets less time-consuming and easy to organize. With the theme in place you just need to narrow the other elements required based on your decision and get done with the arrangements. If you are still wondering about how to go about the arrangements, here is a simple list of things you need in place.


Picking a theme gets really simple if you are aware of the gender of the baby. Though many moms- to- be do not attempt to find out the sex of the baby beforehand, knowing if the baby is a boy or girl will simplify things when it comes to choosing a theme. Once the theme is chosen which can be anything from nursery rhymes to holidays then there is no roadblock in the preparation. Once the theme is decided and arrangements have been made it is very important to let your guests know about the theme. This knowledge makes it easier for the people invited to prepare guests accordingly.


The baby shower can turn into a festival of sorts if there is a lot of fun and frolic incorporated. Introducing games will be the best way to have a lot of fun. Playing baby shower games are a very good pastime as this breaks the ice and makes the atmosphere lite and festive. Using the theme as a guide, you can come up with fun games that are sure to entertain guests. Some of the games are word scrambles, bingo, baby name games, nursery rhyme quiz etc.


Once the theme is selected you can decorate your party venue accordingly. Using floral arrangements, streamers, themed candles, themed napkins, themed bottles and balloons create a fun-filled atmosphere. These items are actually very easy on the pocket and can be purchased from your local party supplies store.


Party favors are articles taken home by guests as souvenirs. These favors are articles that help revive memories later in life. In order to create a lasting impression it is advisable to provide something memorable with specialized messages on them. Personalized items like soaps, seeds for planting, tea bags, themed vases, candy bars and candle tins are all time hits.


Arranging a baby shower and not letting your guests know would be blunder. The best way to let your guests know about the baby shower and the theme planned is by means of invitations. Invitations come in various sizes and shapes depending on what you’d like. Invitations serve as mementos and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make an extra effort to choose the best. The quality of paper used and the printing on the invitation needs to be top quality. Handmade invitations are also in vogue these days.

With this list taken care of you are sure to have made all the arrangements perfectly. The only thing left is to enjoy the results of your hard work.

What Are the Rules for Having a Second Baby Shower?

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new life. That much is clearly obvious. For what other reason would women get together and “shower” another woman with gifts (other than of course a bridal shower)? They have been a tradition for many years, and they serve as a very handy event for the new parents – they help in preparing for the new baby.

Is it Appropriate to Have a Second Baby Shower?

Some people will say no, and some will say yes. I say yes, absolutely, positively yes. However, I have some restrictions with my opinion. Here’s my take on the whole thing:

Having a child is not cheap. Heck, living is not cheap. Baby showers offer the new parents a head start in the financial strap down that children ultimately will incur. Before anyone gets upset with that last comment, take it for a grain of salt. I have 4 children myself and would never ever trade it for the world. But the fact remains… they break me financially on a daily basis. It is what it is.

When It IS Appropriate to Have a Second Shower

  • If there is a large gap of many years spread between children – the last child born is old enough that there is currently no more baby equipment anywhere in the house.
  • When a mother is having twins. She may or may not have left over baby stuff from her first child, but she most likely doesn’t have two of anything.
  • If the baby is of the other gender.

When It Is NOT Appropriate to Have a Second Shower

  • When you’re being selfish and only want one because… well you don’t have a real reason.
  • When it’s going to put unnecessary stress on your friends and family members. If you really want one, host it yourself!
  • When you literally just had a baby and you already have everything you need.

I realize that the above list is not inclusive and could be taken many different ways. There are times when a second shower is in order. I had a baby shower for my first baby, and then I had another baby 15 months after she was born. I did not have a shower for my second daughter. I already had everything I needed. It helped that I had 2 girls back to back. Then I got pregnant a few years later, when my youngest was 3 1/2. I went back and forth between whether or not I should have a second shower because

A – I was having a boy this time around
B – I still had some stuff from when the girls were babies that I could use

I ultimately ended up not having a second one, and the reason for it was my own personal reasoning. I just did not want to go anywhere and be social. I had a very rough pregnancy and I did not feel like doing anything ever.

That was it. Plain and simple.

However… I COULD have had a second shower and it would have been completely acceptable.

If you’re hemmin and hawwin about whether or not you should have another baby shower for a child other than your first, hopefully this gave you some more things to hem and haw about. In a good way though. In the end, do what is right for you and your child and family. That’s all that matters.

3 Quick and Easy Baby Shower Games to Play at Any Shower

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming new life with friends and family. They are a traditional celebration, and they serve as a way to help the new parents prepare for the new arrival.

Unfortunately for most of us (and I guiltily admit it and say it with a heavy heart), baby showers are a “have to do”… it’s one of those things that nobody really likes going to, but we know it’s something we have to attend. If you are hosting a shower, you should consider having games to play. They help to spruce up the event, and provide your guests and mommy-to-be with fun memories. Playing games at a shower really helps to keep the interest alive and helps to move the shower along.

Below are some quick ideas of 3 games you could play that will have your guests rolling with fun and laughter. (For the full instructions on how to play each game, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find the links there.)

The Dirty Diaper Game – Ewwwww… What IS that??

Yep. The dirty diaper game is number one on our list of games to play. It’s so much fun, and easy to prepare for. The theory behind it is you make a “mess” in a diaper by using either melted candy bars or baby food. The guests then take turns in guessing what’s in the diaper. The one who gets it right is the winner and gets a prize!

There are a few different ways this game can be played. You can lay out several different diapers with different “messes” in them and have the guests take a guess at each diaper. Or, you can give each guest their own messy diaper to guess.

The Rice Game – This is IMPOSSIBLE!

The Rice Game is another “looks easy but tricky as heck” game. Fill a bowl with uncooked rice and buy a pack of small safety pins. Mix the safety pins in with the rice. Have each guest take a turn (blindfolded) and time them – 30 seconds to 1 minute is good – and see how many safety pins they can dig out of the bowl. The winner is the person who found the most safety pins.

The String Game – Wow, She’s Really THAT Big??

The String Game is a great game to play too because it seems easy, but it’s really quit the challenge. You need a roll of string and some scissors to play. Have each guest size the mommy-to-be up, and they have to cut a piece of string the size they think the pregnant mom is. The person with the closest match is the winner.

Other Baby Shower Tips and Ideas

Some other things to consider if you’re hosting a shower are things like food, cake, favors, invitations, and venue. Below are some tips to help you plan for the upcoming event.

Having food for your guests to eat is a must. However, it doesn’t have to be a full menu. Finger foods or light snack foods are perfect.

A cake is also a must, but this can be modified to fit the shower. Instead of cake, you could do cupcakes. It’s part of the tradition.

Baby shower favors really add that special “thank you for coming” touch. Again, these don’t have to be too fancy, but a little trinket for the guests to come away with is recommended. Think personalized bags of candy, or something similar.

Invitations are extremely important… for obvious reasons. They must be sent out with plenty of time for the guests to plan on attending, but not too far in advance that they forget about it. 2 weeks before the shower is a good time frame.

The venue is important. Depending on the size of the guest list will depend on where you should choose to have the baby shower. A home is usually perfectly acceptable. If you have a larger guest list, sometimes renting out a space is a better option.

Where Should a Baby Shower Be Held?

Baby shower planning 101 – you have to have a place to host it!

When it comes to hosting a shower, you have quite a few options of where to have it. One of the first instincts many people have is to just host it at their own home. This is honestly one of the most popular choices, because there seems to be more of a comfort level hosting a party where you’re comfortable. There are some pro’s and con’s of hosting the shower at your home.

Pro’s of Hosting a Shower at Your House

  • If it’s at your house, you don’t have to do research on finding a venue. It saves you time if you don’t know where else to have it. Unless of course you have a party room available, such as a recreation center or something of that sort that you’re a member of and already have access to one.
  • It saves you money. In most cases, renting out a party room will require at very minimum a deposit. Whether the deposit is refundable is another question. Most room rentals charge by the hour. You may even have to rent tables and chairs.
  • You are comfortable in your own home, and you may “work” better under conditions that you are comfortable with.
  • You don’t have to travel.
  • You don’t have any restrictions on decorations (yes, some party rental rooms have strict rules you must follow.)
  • You don’t have to be “out” by a certain time, and clean up is completely at your convenience. Heck, if you don’t want to clean up after the shower until tomorrow, you don’t have to!

Some Reasons You May NOT Want to Have it at Your Own Home

  • If you have a large guest list, it may be easier to accommodate it in a party room.
  • You don’t want to have to clean your house for the event. Totally understandable.
  • If you live far away from most of the guest list, it may be easier to have the shower in a more central location.
  • Having a set time for the shower can actually be a nice thing – you don’t run the risk of guests “over staying”.

There is no right or wrong place to host a baby shower. Do what feels comfortable for you, and the mommy to be. No matter where you decide to host it, the most important thing is you have enough seating for your guests. If you do it at your home, you can certainly bring in additional seating choices if needed. Having the shower outside on a patio can also be a very nice place. Another tip – don’t forget to put the address of the shower on the invitations!

Should These Baby Showers Be Allowed?

Who’d have thought it? A gathering with your friends and family to celebrate the imminent birth of your child has now become a tradition here in the UK even though it originated in the United States.

Yes, the Baby Shower is indeed a great way to celebrate with your girl friends and enjoy the last few days of freedom before your life changes completely. Your friends love to be included and semi involved. A chance to give gifts and get together to enjoy all the excitement surrounding this new baby’s imminent arrival.

However the latest trend from America to be reported is that Grandmothers and “Fathers-to-be” are getting in on the act and are having baby showers for themselves! Should this be allowed? Can these events be called a “baby shower”?

We think this latest iteration is perhaps stretching it a bit and of course has started in America. But we know, things that start over the water soon pop up in Europe and firstly in the UK.

So if you are a woman of a certain age who has had her family and who’s children are of the breeding age but haven’t yet. You may dread the “so when are you going to have your first grandchild?” question from your “grandchild obsessed” friends. Well as soon as you hear the long awaited news you can now have your own Baby Shower, to celebrate (and rub in) the imminent arrival. Coined a “Grandma Shower” we think it is just an excuse for a party but it is important to celebrate the news so go on have a party.

But will this trend catch on?

Tea and cakes and even games are de rigueur and we suppose, as more grandparents have hands on baby minding roles, some gifts could be very useful! Ear plugs, mattress protectors, child gates, kitchen cupboard locks, fire guards… sadly none of the soothing bath oils and revitalising beauty treatments and elixirs as those things don’t apply, just the practical things you thankfully gave away all those years ago.

Father Showers? Well apparently yes they are occurring too. These are slightly more difficult to comprehend but according to the press in America they are increasingly popular. Also know as Daddy Showers or Dadchelor parties they have a variety of themes (which usually revolves around drinking as much beer as possible) and the giving of really useful gifts like nappies and rubber gloves.

We have yet to see a Daddy shower wish list on our website but perhaps only time will tell…

Cupcake Wrappers – Party and Craft Ideas

If you’ve got plenty of cupcake wrappers at home and are wondering what to do with them, this article is just for you. If you think these wrappers are not worth the purchase, think again. There are plenty of ways to put these cute little pieces of paper to use in the most delightful manner. Cupcake covers come in a variety of colors, prints, designs and are made of different materials.

Obviously they serve their basic purpose:


Cupcakes have been a highlight for most weddings these days. Deliciously moist and beautifully decorated cupcakes add to the enchanted aura of a wedding. Use wrappers that match your theme to give these tiny bits of heaven the perfect appearance. Wrappers come with intricate patterns like lace, filigree, muted shades, chevron, dots, hearts etc.

Bridal showers, baby showers:

These occasions are incomplete with cute little cupcakes to accompany the meal or tea. Use cupcake covers that match with the color theme. If it’s a baby boy that the mother is expecting, blue shades are perfect for the wrapper. Die cut or filigree patterns are popular for these events.

Kids parties:

Kids love cakes and colors, use colorful and brightly painted cupcake wrappers to adorn cupcakes. There are plenty of printed wrappers available in the market that feature various themes like butterflies, polka dots, cartoon characters etc. These are the perfect choice for a fun and lively party.

Formal events:

Formal events and get-togethers have to be prim and proper. Use cupcake covers that match the theme of the occasion. It’s also possible to get an insignia printed on them, to match the rest of the cutlery and decoration. Besides being eco-friendly, they are easy use and dispose.

For some interesting and fun DIY ideas try these:

Flowers for decoration:

Cupcake liner and wrappers make excellent raw materials for crafting beautiful and frilly flowers that can be used for decorating. Punch a hole at the base of several cupcakes held together. Hot glue them to a stem and then scrunch them up to get a frilly flower. Use several liners to get an extra frilly look. Mix and match the shades to get beautifully colored petals.

Garlands for decoration:

Thread these colorful liners artistically using a needle and some bakers twine. The same can be done using a ribbon or a sash. Arrange the liners in different patterns – in the same direction or in opposite directions interspersed with some liner that have been ironed out flat. After securing them with a knot, you can add embellishments or sashes and ribbons at the end.

Candy holder and name cards:

Take two sturdy cupcake liners and glue the bases together such that they form an hourglass shape. Insert a flag attached toothpick through the middle and steady it down with candies. The flag can be used as a name card and the arrangement doubles up as a candy holder.

Spill savers for parties:

Choose an appropriate color of wrapper to go with the glass you intend to use. Punch a hole in the base of the wrapper such that a straw can be tightly inserted. Smoothen it over the glass and press the edges down. You can even secure it with a rubber band. Now insert a straw and let the kids enjoy their drinks without having to worry about spilling them.

Drip catchers:

Popsicles are a favorite among kids during the summer. Let them enjoy the ice-cold candy stick with worrying over sticky finger or dripping it all over the place. Take a Glassine liner and stick it to a colorful one as its difficult to get patterned Glassine liner and cut a small slit at the base. Slide this onto the Popsicle with the open end facing the Popsicle.

Wrap favors and gifts:

These covers make lovely gift wrappers; all you need is a ribbon, a cupcake liner of the appropriate size and cellophane. Place the cover at the center of a sheet of cellophane, fill the cover with the goodies (favor or gifts like candies, etc) and then fold the cellophane over it and scrunch at the top while securing it with a ribbon. You can replace the cellophane with any sheer fabric like tissue, net or a stiff organdy for a more dramatic effect.

Dress up those drinks/ desserts:

Cupcake wrappers can also be used to make plain and boring plastic glasses or dessert cups bright and attractive. Simple dishes like apple and caramel are usually served in a transparent glass. Stick an attractively colored wrapper on to it to make it pretty and attractive. Similarly if you are using mason jars, insert a printed cupcake liner between the inside and rim of the lid, then screw the lid such that the design is visible. Make a small ‘x’ with an exacting knife if you wish to insert a straw.

There are plenty of creative things one can do with these beautifully printed covers; all you need is a bit of imagination.

DIY Baby Shower Favor Ideas on a Budget

Your best friend is having a baby and has no clue as to what she should have at her baby shower. She comes to you and says “help me!” As you begin to plan the baby shower, you realize that it has to be on a budget as well as being able to be pulled off in a short amount of time.

So what do you do?

Here are a few ideas on how to have a baby shower with favors that do not cost a fortune and can still be memorable!

Baked goods

When it comes to prizes a lot of people think of the bottles of bubbles. When on a budget, a person can actually bake prizes. A few ideas could be to bake cookies into different baby shapes or even bake cupcakes that are either pink or blue. If having a baby shower during the holidays, look at the store to see if there is anything that you can use in order to put the bake goods in.

Picture Frames

Your friend gave you a few photos of the baby if born already or baby’s ultrasound image and asks you to incorporate it into the shower theme somehow. When it comes to prizes, giving away baby photos might seem like a good idea, but the mom to be only wants them on display. Go to the store and buy an inexpensive picture frame. Then look around your house and see what you can glue to it. A couple of suggestions might be buttons and or beads. Then at the shower, take photos of the happy guests. When you send the thank you notes, include a picture of them having a blast so they can have something to put in the picture frame you sent with them.

Baby bottle supplies

The concept of a baby shower is to help the new mom to be out and to celebrate with family and friends that there is a new life coming into the world. An idea that could come up if someone or perhaps yourself is thinking on buying a lot of baby bottles as gift for mom-to-be is to ask her not to send them to the new mom to be. What you can do is to wash them and then fill them with pink or blue with some white M&M chocolates and or some type of candy. Popular and affordable baby shower candies include chocolates, sixlets, mint balls, and cute little jelly beans. If the baby bottle is quite large, it might save you some money if you include swirl lollipops in there to make up the space. You can add a personal touch by putting a ribbon around them (usually a blue and or a pink ribbon) and then put a note attached to the ribbon thanking the guests for coming. The guests can then return all the bottles once the filling is finished to help the new mom to be with extra bottles!

Nail Polish

Most women have a huge amount of nail polish in their homes at some point in their life. What makes this idea a good idea? When on a budget and need something simple, you can buy nail polish (blue for a boy, pink for a girl) in order to reveal the gender and or as a simple gift to give your guests so they are not lugging around a lot of gifts from the shower. You can even spice them up by putting fancy handmade tags on them and or even some ribbon that may go with the theme of the shower. There are plenty of free thank-you tags around.

Homemade Candles

It may sound like a lot of work, and for someone that has never made candles by hand it will be. But for all the hard work that you do by making the candles, you will definitely have a conversation starter. Visit your local craft store and see about getting a kit. You can pour the wax into anything that will not melt. Homemade candles make great favors because people can take them home and light them for any reason, and it does not cost much to do, just a lot of time.

More DIY and useful baby shower favor ideas at babyshowerideas4u.

Tips for Hosting a Great Scavenger Hunt at a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a time for women (or men, or women and men!) to get together and shower the mother to be with gifts. Traditionally, food and cake is offered and games are played. So why not take a traditional event and modernize it a little bit? It’s already been modernized by allowing men to join the fun, so keep with the theme of “traditionally modern” and do a scavenger hunt!

Rather than just playing the normal shower games, you could eliminate all of them and just do one great big hunt to occupy the time. They’re great because they really get all the guests involved, and by the end of the shower, the guests will be saying “wow, I have never done that at a baby shower before… what a unique idea!”

If you decide to try a scavenger hunt, here are some ideas you could use to give it an extra touch:

  • Make the hunt baby themed
  • If it’s co-ed baby shower, split the teams into girls vs boys
  • All objects that you hide can be used as a gift for the mother-to-be
  • Make sure you remember to get prizes for the winner(s)
  • Put the clues on cute baby paper
  • Incorporate the hunt to be in a women’s purse rather than a physical hunt (think about the game “What’s in Mommy’s Purse?”)
  • It doesn’t have to be outside, but if it’s a nice day, your guests will enjoy being able to get outside

Those are obviously just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to different ideas you could use for a scavenger hunt at a shower. Use your imagination… the sky is the limit and you can do some very cool and unique stuff with an event like this. Just because it’s a baby shower doesn’t mean it has to go a certain way. The point of the shower is to have fun and to celebrate the upcoming new life that is happening (and of course to give the mother-to-be as much of a head start with baby supplies as she can get).

It doesn’t matter how many people you have attending, or whether they’re male or female or both… you can organize the hunt to any amount of people and any type of guest. You’ll never hear anyone complain about having fun. Talk it over with the mommy-to-be. If she’s all for it, why not give it a go?

A few things to keep in mind while planning the hunt:

  • You don’t want it to be too long. Maybe an hour tops. Remember you still need to do cake and presents.
  • Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be too fancy… just a fun thing for your guests and the mommy-to-be to enjoy. Plus, you don’t want the added stress of going over board.
  • Tell your guests about the scavenger hunt on the invitation. It’s nice for them to know what to expect before arriving.
  • Have an alternate option for the guests who don’t want to participate. This isn’t necessary in some cases.
  • Get R.S.V.P’s – it helps to know how many prizes you need, and how much food you’ll need.

With a little planning and a lot of organization, you will be throwing the best scavenger hunt ever!

5 Classic Baby Shower Themes

Every expectant parents would love to have a warm, funny yet memorable baby shower with their loved ones, to prepare for the newest member in their lives. Parents, especially moms are usually the ones to chalk out the plans for the event. Sometimes, they can even have a little panic session to have everything the way they pictured. Well, we understand the pressure, but baby shower is all about releasing the stress, right? Here we have 5 amazing baby shower themes, that are timeless yet flexible for you to adopt in your own way!

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are the ageless element in each of our childhood. This is also a theme to suit any baby shower. Moreover, there are numerous sources to incorporate, with minimum risks of having ‘copycat’ event. You can sit down with your partner to decide your favorite rhymes to include in the decorations. You can use a single rhyme or can mix-n-match multiple ones for a diversifying effect. Whether it is a humpty-dumpty or a twinkle twinkle little star, or both, make sure to leave a hint of your creativity while planning the shower!

Fairy Tales

This is another theme that is eternally appealing with endless resources to get help from. You can have a baby shower based on the “After Happily Ever After” theme, where you and your Prince Charming are waiting for your baby prince or princess. Take the fairy tale you like most, or give things a twist, like the Shrek movies, while you plan the shower. Go through your childhood memoirs, if available, to turn it to a nostalgic event! You can ask for help from your and your partner’s family, which will allow you all to have a nice time together as well.

Baby Hands and Feet Prints

If you are willing to have a low-key baby shower, you can apply this cute idea as your theme. You can choose the illustrations or pictures of baby hands and feet prints and order for a simple banner and cake with other decorative details based on that. You can make mini flags with colorful hand prints of your own to accompany the hands and feet print theme, which will make your guests go “Aww”!

Baby Bottles and Utensils

This is another fun yet easily doable theme. This is also for both baby boys and girls. You can serve the guests foods in baby bottles and utensils, have a cake shaped as a half-filled feeding bottle, give the guests mementos in little bottles, or offer them customized paper bibs instead of napkins. There can be numerous other ideas to embrace, just tickle your creative sense a bit.

Peas in a Pod for Twins and Triplets

If you are having twins or triplets, this is one theme you must try. You can decorate the place in your favorite colors while adding your own twist in the basic “peas in a pod” concept. You can put every decor in pairs or triplets, and decorate with cute peas’ illustrations, stuffed dolls and what not!

Of course there can be many other amazing themes for your baby shower, but these 5 are not just classics, these are easily customizable too. So, don’t freak yourself out thinking about the tidbits of your party, just enjoy the whole experience!

DIY Baby Shower

With today’s technology, many parents-to-be know if their baby is a boy or girl long before the baby is even born. When attending a shower for a baby girl, you expect to see pink, pink, everywhere pink and of course blue for a boy. The typical shower games are bingo, guess how many candy pieces are in the glass jar and word scrambles. Popular prizes for the winners tend to be the table centerpieces. This article will provide some unique ideas that are super easy to execute. The end result will be an event that guests will remember as fun, creative and personal.

Pink and blue are the typical colors for baby showers, providing the couple knows the sex of their future family addition. However, things that are typical tend to be quickly forgotten. Try shaking things up a bit from the norm, and don’t be afraid of color. Dark purple, lavender and yellow combinations for girls and shades of green with white accents for boys are great for going outside the color box. Another option is to use the nursery theme as a basis for the décor. For example, if the nursery theme is lady bugs, use a red and black color scheme with lady bug décor incorporated throughout. Keep in mind the color scheme of the room also… you can incorporate the room colors to make things flow together.

Get creative with table centerpieces, they will be the focal point of the room. Creating unique centerpieces using various size baby diapers is relatively easy, and gives the parents a good supply of diapers to use when baby comes home. This type of centerpiece is not only cute and different, but they are gifts in themselves. A simple internet search will provide several examples and photos. Centerpieces that double as favors, like wanderfuls ( ), are also unique and can be created with almost any color combination imaginable.

Most showers have time restrictions, depending on the facility where the shower is being hosted. Generally, a shower will last about two hours; an hour of socializing and eating, and an hour watching the mommy-to-be open her gifts. For this reason, bingo is a very popular game because guests play during gift opening. Another game that is played during gift opening is “My water broke”. Each guest is given a cup with small store bought baby doll inside, frozen in ice. As the ice melts, the first one with a floating baby yells out “My water broke”. This game always gets some laughs! Be creative and use the internet for ideas, and get advice from friends and family. You can also personalize the prizes for game winners. Rather than giving away table centerpieces, try putting together small gifts baskets with products from Bath and Body Works or maybe even a gift card to a local restaurant.